Dating Chinese Women

Chinese women are some of the prettiest and fit women in the world. No doubt men look for Chinese girls for a memorable date. But if a man is not Chinese by origin then he needs to safeguard against embarrassment or distress at the end of the day as Chinese women are culture fanatics, and give due importance to subtle intentions.

“Will you come with me?” This line will not work here. The usual attempts or tactics followed by men to woo a girl fails if tried with a Chinese girl. So here are some tips you should follow while dating a Chinese girl or a woman.

1. Conservative dating is no more attractive. A dinner, an evening stroll, a gift or a goodnight kiss, all seem hackneyed. These young girls want excitement. This is what they have been hearing from the nannies during the lullabies. Be a retro man with a deep desire to actually be with her and spend some time together.

2. Challenge is appreciated most by the Chinese woman. This challenge does not come with chaperoning and impression management, but through simplicity. Meeting in at the office, at home, during a ride to the office, outside the university, at a friends place, are all very simple places, yet challenging to be there. This is what attracts and appeals to Chinese woman.

3. Well dressed, suave, highly sophisticated, pedicured and manicured men are not interesting. An intelligent and down to earth man would surely be a good companion. Thus never be overly well mannered and too costly for a woman that it becomes difficult for her to afford you.

4. Men should be strong and especially if you are looking to date a Chinese girl. No wrestling please. Strength in emotions and convictions is required than the muscle power. [They are equally adept in marshal arts] Chinese women get many dating offers they usually try to gauge a man’s intention and ask silly favors or unreasonable requests.

5. One peculiarity in Chinese girls over other European and Asian girls is that they actually like men who are adored by other women around. Thus dating a Chinese girl do not worry about infidelity. In fact it would be wiser to have two or three girlfriends.

Overall Chinese girls are very simple and are family oriented, they uphold their values and culture to a very great extent so if you want to date a Chinese girl, start loving her family, culture and values, it would become quite easy to be with her. Moreover, honesty, valor and inner strength are few of the other core values admired by Chinese, so if you want to impress a Chinese girl do have all of them in your stride.

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